Robin Strickler…Founder and Principal

For more than two decades, Robin Strickler has been a driving force in interior design, helping to shape – stylishly – the way we live in Southern California. Today, she continues to helm Design Works, the Orange County-based interior design firm she founded in 1991, and is known for her of-the-moment yet timeless approach to design.

Strickler’s affinity for beautiful things has roots in her childhood (she reports that her dolls, and mother, were dressed impeccably, thanks to her artful eye). Not surprisingly, she first studied fashion, merchandising and design in Los Angeles, where she launched a successful career in the fashion industry, creating fresh, unique looks with an innovative interplay of colors and textures. While her love for fashion never waned, Strickler found herself seeking a new design challenge, wanting to bring her talent for fusing elegance, serenity, symmetry and understated design to a new arena. Interior design provided the perfect palette for her artistry, and she began her studies at the Interior Design Institute in Newport Beach.

With her interior design training complete, Strickler quickly forged a name as a model home designer for noted developers throughout the region, who relied on her ability to create interiors with an instant sense of place, a tone of warm welcome, and a casually elegant livability. She soon formed Design Works to provide her sought-after services to builders and architects, as well as to individual clients who resonated with her talent for transforming both residential and commercial spaces with her timeless approach blending monochromatic room “canvases” with pops of color and varied textures.

At Design Works, Strickler remains head of design, working with several hand-selected designers to create stunning interiors for high-end residences, corporate projects and commercial spaces throughout the country. Whether she’s working on a traditional, Hamptons-inspired home on the coast, a modern masterpiece for an art collector in Malibu, or a swank Hollywood Regency style estate in Bel-Air, Strickler’s unerring sense of style is evident.

When she’s not designing inspiring interiors, you can find this design doyenne staying active running, spinning and hiking, spending time with her husband and two daughters and, of course, shopping for pieces from fashion’s latest collections.

Jessica Nutt…Interior designer

Jessica Nutt brings her passion for interior design to Design Works, where she collaborates with the firm’s Founder and Principal, Robin Strickler, to create interiors for clients throughout the West. In this role, she works to shape and extend the timeless aesthetic for which Design Works is known, creating classic interiors punctuated by eclectic accents that both reflect the personality of their clients and stand the test of time.

Drawn to interior design from a young age – she notes the endless remodeling of her childhood dollhouse and bedroom as early design experiences – Jessica earned her first degree in History/Art History from the University of California, Santa Barbara and her second from the renowned Interior Designers Institute in Newport Beach. She joined Design Works in 2014, melding her studies to create a unique and appealing design alchemy for clients in both residential and commercial settings.

Jessica continues to draw inspiration from various forms of art and other creative genres, and enjoys discovering new design motifs and elements to incorporate into her projects. Jessica’s talent for combining texture and color and her innovative space plans ensure that her designs deliver both form and function, to beautiful effect.

Though she’s worked on projects ranging from whole-home assignments to smaller renovations and everything in between, Jessica cites a recent home design in San Juan Capistrano as a particular favorite for its setting and a particularly artful collaboration with the clients. When she’s not designing, Jessica enjoys spending time with her husband and her Maltese, Penny.

Keighley Botterill…Interior designer

Keighley has always enjoyed the diverse aspects of the creative field, from costume to graphic design. Expanding into the world of interiors, she graduated from the Interior Designers Institute in Newport Beach with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Design.

Keighley has experience collaborating on residential, healthcare, and commercial projects. Travelling is her greatest inspiration for design. Visiting new places has broadened her perspectives and enhanced the way she resolves design challenges. She has been fortunate to travel internationally, and counts Namibia, Spain, and South Africa as some of her favorite places.

Keighley is truly excited to be a part of the design community, and to work in this innovative industry as a member of the Design Works team.